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Last Updated: Jan 07, 2019 05:01PM CST

What is Personify Presenter?

Personify Presenter embeds a speaker's real-time persona into any desktop setting-such as a PowerPoint slide show or online demo, allowing you to naturally interact with your content while sharing visual cues such as facial expression and body language to promote greater engagement and personal interaction. This is reinventing the way people communicate online through video.
Here is a brief 2 minute Demo on YouTube which explains the Personify Presenter app well.

Webinars and recorded video examples:
Former CIO of the University of Illinois, Personifying an online class
An entrepreneur Personifying a startup pitch using Prezi
Sample Personigram I made for some folks at Oracle    
Unsolicited Customer Blog Posts:
Marketo: Some Amazing Statistics around the Benefits of Personify 
BrightCarbon: Great explanation of Personify (Video in the post done after only 1 day of testing w/Live!)

How are other users benefiting from Personify Presenter?

•    Deliver a more effective sales pitch by letting your body language and enthusiasm shine through
•    Shorten inside sales cycle
•    Improve inside sales close rates
•    Give clients and prospects an "in the room" experience enhancing engagement and attention

•    Easily develop Tutorials and How To's without production equipment
•    Record training sessions on the fly
•    Increase engagement and understanding

Online Education
•    Increase content retention of curriculum delivered online
•    Easily record lessons in advance for flip teaching
•    Increase student engagement and satisfaction

•    Increase webinar engagement
•    Increase webinar conversion rates
•    Eliminate background distractions to help participants focus on the content

Internal Collaboration
•    Increase engagement and comprehension with one-to-one or one-to-many presentations
•    Give remote team members an "in the room" experience enhancing engagement and attention
•    Improve remote collaboration
•    Reduce travel time and costs

Customer Service
•    Resolve tickets faster with more direct video communication
•    Reduce the number and length of calls to your call center with prerecorded videos
•    Personalize your customer service

Can I use a 2D camera?

Yes! We've developed some very powerful machine learning algorithms based on our years of doing segmentation with 3D cameras. Now, we work with any camera, out of the box!

With the extra information we get from a 3D camera, there are still a few key use cases where having a 3D camera is going to be still optimal. For example, if you have to give an impromptu demo from an airport when your stuck from a cancelled flight, or other such instances where you don't control your environmental variables like lighting as much. 

Do I need a Green Screen?


Personify uses state-of-the-art computer vision techniques and depth sensing cameras to extract the user from any background in real time. You don’t need special props like green screens, studio quality five figure cameras, and intense video post-processing. You simply need a camera and Personify Presenter. 

How do I connect my 3D camera to my PC/Mac?

IMPORTANT: Do NOT install any drivers yourself. Installing the drivers yourself can result in an incompatible driver version.
The Personify installer will guide you through the process of installing the drivers for the camera and the app. In general, always select the 'automatically detect camera' option after connecting your depth camera to your system.
After the installation successfully completes, you are now ready to run the Personify app from the set of installed programs. When you launch the program, you should be able to log in using your Personify credentials and see your persona and/or other personas on your desktop.

I’m having problems with my 3D Camera, help!

USB PORTS: Certain USB ports are not high powered enough to drive your depth camera. As a first step if your camera doesn’t seem to be working properly, try the other USB ports on the system.

INSTALLATION: If you have a bad installation due to an incomplete install or because you installed some incompatible drivers through a different source, take the following two steps to start with a clean system so you can re-install Personify.

If you have a PrimeSense Carmine, Asus Xtion Pro Live, or Microsoft Kinect Camera then go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall any programs from publisher 'PrimeSense' . This will remove any existing versions of openNI and the drivers associate with the various cameras. Also install Personify and/or Personify Presenter. Then reinstall Personify Presenter through the Personify installer, using the 'automatically detect camera' option midway through the install process.

If you are using Intel RealSense (sr300, Creative BlasterX Senz3D, Razer Stargazer), then manually download the drivers by downloading and installing the latest version of Intel's Depth Camera Manager:

If you are still having trouble or need more help, please contact


What are the minimum bandwidth requirements for Personify Presenter?

Basically, you simply need to have the same amount of bandwidth as you need when running a videoconference call and screensharing. Your persona is simply another element of your desktop, and so people see you when you screenshare. Thus, use the bandwidth recommendations of your particular meeting. Typically, a good experience needs about 1.5 mbps, minimum, no matter what the underlying meeting tool is.

Which Operating Systems are supported by Personify Presenter?

Supported OS:  Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 10, MacOS 10.7 or higher

What are the minimum platform requirements for Personify Presenter?

Personify Presenter relies on a depth camera (see article here) or machine learning algorithms for normal webcam segmentation. As such, it needs a medium-powered to high-powered CPU to process video in real time. Below we recommend the platform that you need for good performance as well as the minimum platform to ensure usability of the product.
RECOMMENDED PLATFORM (for best performance)
For the best experience, we strongly recommend using Personify with an i7 CPU. It works well enough with an i5, but that chipset can struggle when under load. If you have are screensharing a powerpoint presentation, along with Personify, along with stray chrome tabs open, and background might see a little jumpiness in the movement of the persona. 

With an Intel i7 (or AMD equivalent), you don't need to use your computer resources to perfection, and thus have a bit more flexibility to run more programs simultaneous to Presenter.
  • : Intel Core I-5 or
  • : At least 2GB RAM
Hard drive: 100GB or higher for storing temporary recordings
Supported 3D cameras: Microsoft Microsoft Kinect for Xbox, Kinect for Windows, Asus Xtion Pro Live, PrimeSense Carmine, Intel RealSense sr300, Creative BlasterX Senz3D, Razer Stargazer
There really is not much else to it. You don’t need a fancy (six figure) Telepresence room, or a Studio-like complicated setup that you might see in a TV Newsroom with the Weatherman. 

It’s just simply a good to really good computer, an inexpensive camera, and Personify Presenter. Then you are ready to get started communicating and collaborating at a distance in a revolutionary way!

What is the Feature Set of Personify Presenter?

The feature set we’ve built into Personify Presenter is geared towards making it super easy for you to control the experience of bridging that gap between being remote online, and being there in person.

You can: resize your persona, move yourself around the screen like any normal desktop window, show/hide your persona, mirror or unmirror yourself, turn your background on/off, and record personigrams

Much of what you can do with the desktop app you can control through the Personify Remote App. To learn more about the particulars of the remote, see the question below. It is an awesome, free, addition to the core Personify functionality that lets you turn your smartphone into a remote control for Personify Presenter. Using your remote you can share content like pictures from your camera roll on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device directly onto your screen with the push of a button. Here is a Personigram I made showing off the remote app.

Personify is Reinventing Online Communication by centering presentations and meetings around the most interesting part: YOU. The feature set detailed above has been built with that in mind. We want to make it as easy as possible to be present when remote. So if you have any suggestions and are intrigued by our technology, please do reach out, either by requesting a demo or posting in the comments!

Can I record myself and my content?

Our recording feature has been designed as a way for you to quickly create compelling content on the fly. We call recordings using Personify "Personigrams" - here is an example:

Personigrams are perfect for creating engaging, asynchronous content, no matter who you are or what you want to communicate/share with others. In the Personify Presenter app, click “Record, “Start” and then when you are finished, save the Personigram as an .mp4 locally to your desktop!

Note: Recording via Personify Presenter on the Mac is not available. Recording is only available on the PC version of Personify Presenter.

Can you recommend a good audio solution?

Laptops with embedded 3D cameras have been designed around the Personify experience, and for collaboration in general. The audio solutions contained within those laptops will work very well for the vast majority of use cases. We do understand that audio is a key part of live collaboration sessions and for asynchronous recording. With Personify and Personify Presenter, you can present sitting down or standing up, so you may want to make use of audio solutions other than what comes in the laptops for both use cases. And of course, if you have an older corporate laptop, a Mac, a desktop, and the like, then you might want a good standalone audio solution as well
In general, for both live and recorded sessions two factors to consider are (1) range of operation and (2) audio quality. Below, we break these down into a few options (Note: this is definitely not an exhaustive list, for more detailed microphone reviews, click this link:
OPTION 1: High quality microphones 
Example: Blue Yeti
Pros: Outstanding range of operation and great quality
Cons: Tend to cost more. The Blue Yeti is bulky, very sensitive and can pick up stray sounds (and so must be used in silent environs)
OPTION 2: Wired/Wireless lavalier microphones
Example: Shure
Pros: High quality, less expensive than option 1
Cons: Wire can be hard to navigate
OPTION 3: Omnidirectional microphones with a good range
Example: Blue snowball, Microsoft Lifecam
Pros: Above average range and quality, less expensive than option 1
Cons: Audio quality somewhat inferior to option 1
OPTION 4: USB or bluetooth headsets
Example: Plantronics Headset
Pros: Good designs with a sleek look, with wery good sound quality. Less expensive than lavalier mics. Designs available for both VoIP calls on PC and for the phone (or both)
Cons: Headset can be seen in the video, which may be an issue for some presenters
OPTION 5: USB or Bluetooth 2-in-1's
Example: Jabra Speak
Pros: Provides a cost effective way to have an all-in-one audio solution that is very portable. The Jabra Speak is available as both a wired and Bluetooth wireless device.
Cons: Echo can be a problem in devices with poor echo cancellation. Audio quality is the tradeoff for ease of use and convenience. Your audio won't be quite as good with a lavalier microphone, and you won't hear others quite as crisply when compared to headset solutions.

What is the Personify Presenter Mobile App?

The Remote Control app enables a presenter to control Personify Presenter broadcasts while standing away from his or her computer. Users can operate the app without even looking at it, so you no longer have to look away from your audience while giving a presentation

It is a free feature that comes with your subscription to the Personify service.

By swiping left or right, you activate the page up/page down function on your computer. This will allow you to easily navigate through a webpage or document, move your PowerPoint slides back and forth, and the like. You can also toggle your persona on and off and move your persona around the screen according to your customized presets. Lastly, you can share content, like pictures, directly from your phone, onto your computer screen!
Showing always better than telling, so check out this quick Personigram on YouTube, demonstrating the functionality of the Personify Remote.

Using the Personify Presenter Remote

The Remote is available for download on Google Play here and the iTunes Store here
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