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FAQs - ChromaCam for Logitech c922

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2017 01:00PM CDT
  •  What is ChromaCam for the Logitech c922 webcam?
ChromaCam allows you to remove your real-life background and replace it with any background image of your choosing, within the video feed of your favorite video chat tool, like: XSplit, OBS, Skype, Zoom, and Hangouts, etc.
And with the best-in-class Logitech c922 Pro Stream Webcam, ChromaCam is FREE.
Nobody wants to see the messy laundry on the floor when streaming to Twitch from one’s gaming room, or a bustling office behind you on a videoconference call at the office.  Greatly enhance your privacy and add a bit of personal panache by replacing your irl background with a picture of Stonehenge, the Beach, the Board Room, or any background images you like!
  • More on ChromaCam; What is a Virtual Camera Driver?
A Virtual Camera Driver is what allows the video frames from your webcam to be shared to the video feed in your video chat app of choice.
Since ChromaCam is about background replacement of your real-life background, ChromaCam being a Virtual Camera Driver means you can do background replacement in the video feed of any video platform.
  • What is a persona?
The most important part of any video chat is not your wallpaper, your desk lamp, or the bookshelf behind you. The most important part of any video chat, of course, is you!

When you remove your background, what is left is your persona, which is simply you, rendered on your desktop. And then you can place your persona on top of any background image content within a video feed with ChromaCam.
  • How does the ChromaCam's Dynamic Green Screen technology work?
ChromaCam has it's roots in technology developed by it's parent company, Personify, which allowed us to take a 3D camera video feed, and segment the user from his or her background using the depth data from  that 3D camera. The app we built to showcase this “weatherperson effect” is called Personify Presenter, and it has been our flagship application since 2013.

Thanks to advances in machine learning, we’ve been able to mold our Dynamic Green Screen algorithms for 3D cameras, and make them work seamlessly with 2D cameras as well.
ChromaCam is learning your environment, all the time, and is guided by the data we’ve started the algorithm with, via all of the testing we’ve done over the years. Over the first few seconds of using ChromaCam, you might see a lot of artifacting. Then it starts honing in on the exact shape of your person, recognizing what is your persona and what is your background. And after a few seconds, there is you, sans background!
  • I’m having trouble with artifacting. What is are some tips for the highest quality background removal?
ChromaCam doesn’t need to be used in a studio, with special cameras or equipment, like 3D cams or green screens. There are a couple of best practices that will help you be able to make best use of ChromaCam from wherever you setup to stream.
The two most important environmental variables are: lighting and background.

As with any video technology, you can’t use ChromaCam in the dark. The beauty of ChromaCam is that you don’t need super expensive, studio-quality lighting to have a top notch experience. Basically, you just need some good overhead lighting like standard ceiling fixtures, or lighting from the front like from a desk lamp. And then most importantly you don’t want to be lit from behind. If you have your background turned on, and there are lights around your head in the background, then move around to a place where your actual background doesn’t have strong lighting.   
Beyond lighting, you’ll also want to pay attention to your actual real-life background. You don’t want a window or a mirror directly, and you want to be wearing something that contrasts to your background, like a blue sweatshirt against a white wall. The less complicated the background, the better.
  • What are the minimum hardware specifications for ChromaCam?
Processor: Intel 4th generation or higher Core CPU, or the AMD equivalent (Quad core AMD Phenom)
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Memory: 4GB+ RAM
Supported cameras: The Logitech c922 Pro Stream Webcam.

Processors with Intel Integrated Graphics are great, but PCs with discrete CPUs are a plus. ChromaCam also prefers 64-bit Windows, but will run on 32-bit Windows as well. Cameras that work better in low light, and have better [auto]exposure, are also preferred.

From a compatibility standpoint, you can use pretty much any PC and webcam. ChromaCam will certainly work with less RAM, older chipsets, or older plug-in webcams.  But the best experiences with background replacement will be on devices with specs like those recommended one above.

From a compatibility standpoint, you can use pretty much any PC and webcam. ChromaCam will certainly work with less RAM, older chipsets, or older plug-in webcams.  But the best experiences with background replacement will be on devices with specs like those recommended one above.

NOTE: ChromaCam does NOT work on a Mac. And ChromaCam will only work with PCs that are in the Intel AVX Instruction Set, which is some 2nd Gen chips, and then all 3rd Gen chips or later. Some Sandy Bridge chips aren't on the AVX yet, so it's basically all Intel chips that are 2012 or newer, and some of the Sandy Bridge chips from 2011.
  • Do I need an account or license?
No, for users with a Logitech c922 Pro Stream Webcam, ChromaCam will just work. Simply connect the camera, begin a video call, and replace your background
  • How do I use ChromaCam with tools like XSplit, OBS, Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, etc?
1.Plug in your Logitech c922 Pro Stream Webcam
2.Open your favorite video application.
3.Choose “ChromaCam” in the camera settings of the video application.
4.Select your background image from within the cameo app to remove or replace your background.
For example, open up Skype and login as you normally would. Once in the Skype app, click the “Tools” dropdown from the ribbon at the top and then click on “Options.” From within the Options Menu, click on “Video Settings.” In the Select webcam dropdown, change the camera to “ChromaCam.”

The ChromaCam UI will open up automatically, and your persona will be placed in the video box if you choose to turn on video during your next Skype call.
  •   Am I only allowed to use the images that came with the software?
No, you can have your persona on top of whatever images you’d like! To add new background images, first open ChromaCam by selecting “ChromaCam” from the video settings of the video application you are using, like XSplit or OBS.
Once ChromaCam is open, click the plus sign, navigate to the appropriate Windows file that contains your desired images, and select the ones you want. Internal favorites include: images of offices so we can take calls at the beach, historical landmarks like the Great Pyramids, and images of beaches so we can imagine that we’re there when we’re actually snowed in during a Midwest Winter squall.
  • How can I change the images that appear in the video chat box?
In the ChromaCam application that opens up once selected from the video settings of your video application, simply click on an image to replace the image in your video feed.

That’s it, there’s nothing more to it. Have a great time with Dynamic Background Removal!
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